What You Do and Accomplish

Just a few things you can do and your countless achievements with the Summer Program
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What Do We Do?

The summer program is so far the heart of the KULE Foundation. KULE Summer Program participants undertake 2 or 3 complementary projects, depending on the finances raised. In doing so, the participant is able to:

● Gain a fuller experience of many aspects of life in the host Kenyan community;

● Exercise flexibility in concentrating on what they like doing most. For example, some participants like working with children while others enjoy doing manual labour. Based on past summers, the majority of the participants like the relatively wide variety of opportunities for service and action which we provide.

What Do I Gain From This Program?

● Invaluable hands-on experience

● Unique, experience-based perspective on Africa

● Satisfaction that you have made a difference in the lives of others less privileged.

● Cross-cultural effectiveness skills

● Greater schooling and employment

● Learning more about yourself

● Complete CAS requirements

● Learning more about yourself

● Strong leadership skills

● Management skills

● Adventure and excitement

● Going on the world famous and spectacular safari.

● Lasting friendships

● Living with a Kenyan host family.(Optional)

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"The program has given me the opportunity to experience a different culture. I’ve begun to understand the need for global awareness and volunteerism. I’ve also seen a beautiful, beautiful land."

- Hilary Angus, Mulgrave School, Vancouver , Canada

“The media often portrays Africa as war-ridden and filled with poverty and disease; but having the opportunity to work in Kenya and see its true beauty and potential was life-changing for me.”

- Logan Richard, California, USA (Pearson College)