We look forward to a great Summer with you in Kenya!

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● Please download/request for an application form. It may require an Adobe Reader.

● Please remember to include the following when you submit your completed Application Form:

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2. Photo

3. Proof Of Payment

4. Letter of Reference from School or University or Employer.

5. For individual applicants, please state why you are interested in participating in the KULE Program.

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"I think that this trip has changed my life…… I think having seen the way people here (in the Kenyan village) work has had a huge impact on me. I will never forget what I have seen here and I am absolutely and utterly grateful that I have had this opportunity. The trip has been absolutely fantastic: very well run and very educational."

- Eanna O"Siadhail, Ireland

"This has been ‘life-changing’ for me - seeing that happiness can co-exist with a very harsh environment."

- Tom Mulder, Pearson College UWC

"I’ve learnt to love each person for who they are, not what they own or how they live."

– Brigitte Beck, Wesley College