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Typical Itinerary

A typical itinerary focuses on community service and development, often lasting 2-3 weeks, usually in July.

A few days are spent in Nairobi, getting over the jet lag and getting oriented to the philosophy of the program. Throughout the program, usually after each dinner, participants gather to reflect on the day’s experiences and to plan for the next day. At the end, participants are afforded the opportunity to evaluate the whole trip.

Option One 2-17 July inclusive i.e. participants arrive early on 2nd July, go on safari 14 - 16th and leave in the morning of the 17th July. Fee:US$2350 per person
Option Two 2-23 July inclusive i.e. participants arrive early on 2nd July, go on safari 14- 16th, and then live at the village chairman’s home 17-23 July. Fee:US$2450 per person

Note: The final fee for Option Two will be determined by numbers.

Important Notes

(a) All dates are inclusive, i.e. arrive on the first day and leave on the last day shown above.

(b) KULE can help participants go on a 3-day safari if they are interested. Additional costs apply.

(c) ‘Early morning’ refers to any time between 5 and 9 am when overnight flights arrive in Nairobi. ‘Evening’ refers to any time between 8 and 11:59 pm when such flights leave Nairobi.

(d) To avoid extra charges, please ensure that you arrive or depart when group transport is available. Otherwise you will be charged an extra fee of USD 280 per day if you arrive/leave earlier or later). This extra charge is non-negotiable.

(e) The program cost includes: ground transport (i.e. airport transfers and trips to and fro the project sites; as a policy, we don’t use public transport!), food and full-board accommodation, game park fees (where relevant) and wages for the villagers working with KULE participants on the projects (e.g. construction and manual work).

Does not include: air fare to and fro the participant's home, items of a personal nature, laundry, tips, travel and medical insurance, visas and any other service not covered as mentioned above.

A similar program can be arranged for adults who apply as a group.

Application Instructions

"The three weeks have opened up so many doors – to see and do so much that I have never encountered before. In three weeks I have experienced so much, emotionally, mentally and physically…nothing could have prepared me for such amazing and memorable adventures and truly life-changing opportunities."

- Brandi O’Keefe, Newfoundland, Canada (Pearson College)

"It is truly an excellent international students’ summer program. It teaches us to be more tolerant, more open-minded to the things and people around us. It is an amazing opportunity to experience a different culture, and have a good time far from home."

- Jennie Hery–Jaona, Switzerland