Nursery/Primary School and Permanent Shelter

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Permanent Shelter

Permanent shelter- KULE hopes to build at least one permanent house for another destitute family, funds allowing. As usual, the beneficiary is selected by a committee of elders. This project is very popular with students; they find it very satisfying to leave behind tangible evidence of their fundraising efforts and physical contribution to providing more humane shelter for the destitute.

Nursery/Primary School

This project is at Ithirianga, Mukangu. It is the first of its kind in the whole of Muranga county. Already, we have built one classroom, courtesy of participants and their families at the International School of Geneva. If we get more funds, we plan on building two more classrooms in hopes of developing the project into a primary school. Doing so will save the young children from trekking 10 km to and fro school each school day. Any school/church/organisation interested in taking this on, or at least sponsoring its construction, is most welcome. The second phase will include building a wall around the school and a gate, in addition to other amenities.

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“This trip has made me appreciate what I have. I recommend it because it gives you a chance to make a difference and bring smiles to children’s faces.”

- Bec Fredricksen, Wesley College.

“From this project, I learnt that rich or poor we all depend on one another; and I saw that not even poverty is strong enough to deny a person an inner happiness as long as they seek it.”

- Daphine Mugayo, Uganda (Pearson College)

“It was a great fulfilling experience. In particular, the children at St Anna’s as well as our student taught me a lot about working with young people.”

- Tim Willett, Wesley College.