Our Ongoing Projects

We do these every year with your help and that of Summer Program Participants.
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Ongoing Projects

Teaching at St Anna Care Center, an orphanage founded and run by a retired Anglican Bishop and his wife.

Stocking the large library we built for the community. This facility still needs a lot of culturally-relevant books.

Building at least one permanent house for a destitute family each year.

Visiting and doing more work (e.g. painting the dormitories) at Koimbi Children’s Home, a less endowed orphanage run by the local council.

Donating food, stationery and clothing to the orphanages, especially Koimbi. Note- food and stationery are best bought locally through KULE donations.

Breaking down barriers to cultural and international understanding;and broadening the horizons of both KULE participants and the host community members through our diverse activities.

Main projects for 2017

Nursery/Primary School Project

Build 2 classrooms so children do not have to walk 10 km to school

Children's Homes

Teach and Support At-Risk Children

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“The smile of a child knows no boundaries and it is with this project that I have learned this. Kenya is the place where people truly do wear their hearts on their sleeves…and this is learned through sharing with each other while working to achieve something special, which words cannot describe.”

- Éanna O Siadhail, Ireland, Participant in 2007 and 2008

“The experience has humbled me, widened my perspectives, shown me how happy people can be with not so much. It also showed me how much impact charity can have.”

- Oscar Doupe-Watt, Wesley College, Melbourne, Australia