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Mission and Vision

Mission:Promote international and cultural understanding through partnerships that address key global issues such as health,education,the environment,and poverty eradication.


KULE was,principally,borne out of the founder and director's desire to give back to the village community that had adopted him of his escape from his country,Uganda,during the murderous regime of Dictator Idi Amin in the late ‘70s.This desire was subsequently enriched by the ambition to provide opportunities for volunteer work in safe and supervised environment as part of providing education outside the classrom.KULE started in 2000 and has run ANNUALLY since then.

KULE Means

Kumbuka:A Kiswahili word for 'remember'.Every partnership,program and project of the KULE Foundation is intended to provide a favorable understanding is integral to the unforgettable learning experiences offered.

Universal:KULE acknowledges that it is through understanding the similarities and rich diversities that exist between cultures that true global change and equity can begin to occur.For this reason,we invite all citizens of the world to work in partnership with us.

Learning Experiences:KULE provides its donors,partners and especially the Summer Program participants with practical life-changing experiences.The thought and energy of donors,partners and Summer Program participants all make simple,yet vital,differences in the lives of the less privileged.
The acronym KULE is equally significant.'Kule' means 'Over there' or,simply,'there' in Kiswahili.Metaphorically,KULE connotes the cultural distance the donors,partners and Summer Program participants have to cover so as to experience and undserstand some aspects of African culture in Kenya.Only after doing so will they become more enlightened citizens of the world.That is our mission,our ideal.

KULE Foundation-Legal Status

KULE is registered in Nairobi as KULE Foundation International as a non-profit organization,C 128008,and in Canada as KULE Foundation Canada as S-56519 under the British Columbia Societies Act.

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