What We Have Accomplished

Thank you to you all who dedicated your time, labor, finances, expertise and support in achieving these projects. We are excited to accomplish many more with you!
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What We Have Accomplished

All these projects are possible due to the initiative and hard work of Summer Program participants and the invaluable help from generous benefactors who provided assistance in so many ways. WE THANK YOU.

At Koimbi Children’s Home - established a chicken ‘farm’, built a water tank, purchased for them two milk cows (Miss Hope and Miss KULE). The children now have regular water supply daily.

In Kibera slums- built two classrooms for the “school”, in collaboration with the youth group there.

In Mukangu village:

The original science “laboratory” for the secondary school;

A large library, mainly for Mukangu Secondary and Mukangu Primary Schools;

5 permanent houses for destitute families;

A bus shelter for commuters;

Salvaged a road linking two ridges in the village;

A deep trench to save villagers’plots of land from further soil erosion.

At St. Anna Care Center

Erected a fence around the boys’dormitory;

Bought nearly 400 books for their library - Our deepest gratitude to an Anonymous Donor

Brought the world to the community;

There is still so much need within the community and we hope to make a huge difference in the lives of the orphans and the poor community members through these simple life-changing projects.

We finally completed the ONLY Library Building in Mukangu Village (and the only one of its kind in the whole of Central Province, Kenya) in the Summer of 2010. Every year, we bring in a few books for the library though we still have a long way to go. We have accomplished more, despite our shoe-strong budget.

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