"I recommend this program very much because it is a really eye-opening experience which includes emotional, sad/serious, experiences as well as a lot of laughing,playing and fun.I also found the trip to be very well organized in the sense that we got a taste of more one side of Kenya."

-Iris Lutman,
International School of Geneva

"From this experience, I have gained a better appreciation of what I have and learned that the people, despite their misfortunes, are very similar to me and are very intelligent and kind."

- Joe Schlitz,
International School of Geneva

"I do absolutely recommend KULE to anyone who would like to have a truly enriching experience and helping in a practical way in Kenya. I do believe that everyone who would like to invest time and effort in order to make a difference in the life of some Kenyans benefits from participating in this program."

- Ms.Anja Wallace,
teacher at International School of Geneva

"I would recommend this program because the chance to make your own initiatives and decisions as a close- knit group is something unique to the KULE program."

- Sabrina Syed,
International School of Geneva

"Thank you once again for this most incredible and moving experience."

- Mrs. Jane Robinson, teacher,
International School of Geneva

"The program has made me rearrange my priorities and really look at what I have and value it a lot more."

- Katherine Sturt-Scobie,
International School of Geneva

"What you do here, Geoffrey, is nothing short of incredible. Keep going!"

- Sarah Greener,
International School of Geneva