Our Deepest Gratitude

To all of you who supported and continue to support KULE.
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Please Kindly Note

Thank You!!!

Ecolint The International School of Geneva, La Chat, for the heartwarming partnership with KULE. Special thanks to Robyn Tyner for spearheading this endeavor. Indeed, many of the projects, including the ongoing nursery/primary school project, would not have been completed without the students, their parents and teachers at that school.

Mulgrave School whose students, teachers and parents (some of them with strong ancestral ties to East Africa) without whose support the library project and most of the initial building would never have been possible.

The Metchosin Community- for their continued support and fundraising for KULE.

Metchosin Community House members and associates for their invaluable logistical and financial support.

Lester B. Pearson College students, faculty and staff- for their initiative and support in various fund raising efforts.

● Our sincerest gratitude the Freshwater United Church in Carbonear, Newfoundland and the 40 participants in their KULE Fundraising Walk in May 2010. And for their continued support for KULE.

● To the past and most recent Summer Program participants, who over the years, worked hard with Mukango's local community to complete a variety of community- and participant- led projects.

The Mukangu Villagers for their hospitality and enthusiastic leadership and cooperation with all of KULE's projects.

Educational Consultants, Websites Which Feature Us and Company Supporters: (i) Inthinking: www.inthinking.co.uk; (ii) Inter-Ed: www.inter-ed.com.au; Wanderlust ww.safariseastafrica.com; (iii) Redston Real Estate Services www.thinkredstone.com.

Tony Macoun and Lesley Tetiker for personally raising most of the Library construction funds and for their tireless support. Without them, the library project would never have taken off.

Daisy Chahal and family for their commitment and generosity every year

Dr. Sylvia Vantomme for her annual financial support to KULE

Alysoun Sturt-Scobie is sailing and racing around for the world with Clipper Round the World Race for KULE!

Jo and Frank Mitchell for helping us launch KULE in Canada

● The founding KULE Canada board of directors: Charles Priester (RIP), Frank Mitchell, Gaert Linnae, and Barrett Fullerton.

Astrid Peacock (KULE Summer Program Alumna) for her boundless commitment to KULE and her initiative in linking KULE with the Freshwater United Church.

Erik Vantomme and Astrid Peacock (KULE Summer Alumni) for leading KULE's Global Health Program

Special thanks to the Mukangu elders' chairman Mr. David Njoroge and his family for hosting us each year.

Dr. Susan Kyemba Kasedde (Pearson College UWC, Year 18) for her most generous sponsorship of a KULE participant each of the last two years. KULE wishes we had more sponsors like her!

Gaert Linnae and her partner Robert for their financial contribution in the past

Sengdeune Khammoungkhoune ("Seng") (PC 25) for creating and managing the KULE website pro bono for all these years

Paschal Ssemaganda (PC 24) for his financial support

Mustapha "Staphae" Lansana (PC 24) for his financial support

Karin Afeef (PC 25) and her women's group for enabling us to complete the library project

Lotte Veen and Jakob (Participants Summer and amazing fundraisers 2013). Additional thanks to Lotte for organizing the 2013 Summer Participant photos