Urgent Need- Water Well Project

“You and KULE have transformed our village in many wonderful ways. We fully appreciate what you are doing for us and how you have empowered so many members of our village.”

- David Njoroge, Village Elder

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Why Mukangu?

Though many agencies are working hard to provide wells in Kenya as a whole, the demand is enormous. That is why independent efforts by groups like KULE are necessary.

Mukangu has been the site of KULE’s projects for the last nine years. Completed initiatives include a large library, a small-scale poultry and dairy “farm” for the orphanage and five permanent homes for destitute families. Ongoing projects include the annual visits to work and teach in the orphanage. The well is our new project.

Please help KULE to make a difference in the lives of the less privileged.


● The village comprises nearly 4000 people.

● Most of them are very small scale farmers whose produce is the only source of income.

● Many residents live below the poverty line.

● Presently, the people rely on polluted water from a nearby seasonal stream; women and children hand-carry the water home regardless of the distance.

For more information, please contact: Geoffrey Tindyebwa Founder and director of KULE Foundation director@kulefoundation.org

The Project

In partnership with the Mukangu community, KULE wants to drill a more permanent and durable well than the hand-pumped ones. This will involve using machinery to drill the water (level: nearly 300 feet below), installing a water tank and pipes to store and distribute this precious commodity to each institution and homestead.

Benefits of the well: it will provide safe and more accessible drinking water for the whole community, thereby improving the health of all; able villagers can also start some small-scale farming and business ventures, like keeping poultry and growing vegetables.

All the preliminary and government approval work is complete. As soon as kind donors help us out, we shall drill the deep well.
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“Seeing extreme poverty for the first time was extremely shocking…yet for such people to be content with life, and with God – even in the face of poor, dangerous, and sometimes life threatening conditions was eye opening and inspiring.”

- Erik Vantomme, Saskatchewan, Canada (Pearson College)