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"With KULE you come with the belief that you are going to be the giver; but later on you will realize that you are being rewarded more handsomely than the energy and resources you contributed. "

- Tatenda, Zimbabwe

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Donate Online

Your donation, sponsorship and initiative/assistance with fund raising events go a long way in funding these simple but life-changing projects for the community in Murang'a, Kenya.

Send a Check or Bank Draft


Attn: Geoffrey Tindyebwa, Director, KULE

650 Pearson College Drive , Victoria , BC , V9C 4H7


SEND A BANK DRAFT TO: KULE Foundation Canada

to be paid into the bank in Canada.

Canada Bank Draft Information

Name of Bank: TD Canada

Trust Branch # 9915

Name Account holder: KULE Foundation Canada

Account # 9915-5214099


Address: Westshore Town Centre, 2945 Jacklin Road Unit 860, Victoria , BC , V9B 5E3, Canada

Please ensure that any bank fees are charged to you and that the bank receives the full amount of the deposit since we are operating on a shoe-string budget.

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Participate in the Summer Program

For the Summer Program, participating groups and individuals are expected to help raise funds and/or materials for the projects which they choose to focus on for the duration of their program participation. One simple project benefits:

1. Orphaned children at Koimbi and students at St. Anna's;

2. Very poor families with shelter, water and basic facilities in Murang'a and Kibera;

3. An entire community's education and livelihood with the Library Project and other much-needed projects;

4. Lives who depend on your generosity.

Create a life-changing experience for yourself and for those who need your help.
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