Koimbi Children's Home & St. Anna Care Center

“On behalf of the Koimbi children, staff and the home management, we wish to most sincerely register our appreciation to you for your continued support. Your material and moral support to this institution is highly appreciated.”

– Mrs. Jane Ndigirigi, Assistant Mother in Charge, Koimbi Children’s Home.

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About Koimbi and St. Anna's Children's Homes

These children are orphans and/or are highly vulnerable due to extreme poverty, sickness, and other reasons. Koimbi Children’s Home and St. Anna's Care Center, in the same village in Murang'a, have been important families and support to these children. We hope to be able to provide continued assistance to them as well as continue to integrate these projects into the Summer Program and our partnership with Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific.

Sponsor Koimbi and St. Anna's Projects

These orphans need your immediate help. Please donate online and/contact the Director, Geoffrey Tindyebwa at director@kulefoundation.org
Many, many thanks on behalf of the children at Koimbi and St. Anna's.

KULE's Projects and Activities at Koimbi and St. Anna's

Cows for Milk: In the Summer Program 2010, Misses. KULE and HOPE were donated to the Koimbi Orphanage to provide fresh milk to the children.

Water Tank: In mid-2010. we have started building a water tank. It is not done yet and we need help.

Chicken Project: In 2008, KULE participants started a chicken project for Koimbi. We have added more chickens over the years, including this year, 2010. The children there will not only be able to eat eggs and meat but also learn many skills looking after the project.

Food, clothing and daily supplies: We continue to donate food, clothing and shoes.

Infrastructure: We have assisted in painting the dormitories of Koimbi's Orphanage.

Teaching: KULE has been teaching at St Anna’s as one of the many Summer Program activities . Due to a stronger need and a limited resource, most of the support has been directed to the Koimbi Orphanage.

Other Forms of Support: Other forms of continued care for these children include providing them with basic stationery, donating used but good computers to St Anna’s and teaching in those homes.

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“The joy in someone’s heart/soul is seen in their smiles. Those children at Koimbi were, surely, smiling!!”

- Carol Ofafa, Kenya

“The Koimbi orphanage played the biggest part in making me realize how much I have and how little some people have”

- Pandora Batra (UK), the International School of Geneva

“The KULE program is a great opportunity to learn from a totally different community from the one I grew up in…and a chance to give back a little to the world. This program has been life-changing for me: there is a lot that I take for granted in my life…there is much joy in giving, even if it is time, energy… and love to the little orphans…”

- Charity Migwi (Kenya), UWC of the Pacific/Pearson College