3-Week Medical Program

2- or 3-week health care program at the Aga Khan University Teaching Hospital in Nairobi and Murang’a Referral Hospital upcountry
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New Opportunity KULE Global Health Program Component

We are excited to embark on our new Global Health Program!

This is a program that may interest first or second year medical/nursing students. It is led by Astrid Peacock and Erik Vantomme (Pearson College UWC, Year 33 and 36, respectively, and former KULE participants). Astrid is studying medicine at Memorial University, NL, and Erik at the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine.

Volunteers are guaranteed opportunities in the prestigious Aga Khan University Teaching Hospital in Nairobi. Partiipants will also have the opportunity to volunteer at the Muranga County Referral Hospital upcountry, very close to KULE’s regular projects. Other opportunities include volunteer work at neighboring health clinics deep in Mukangu village nearby, the site of KULE’s regular projects.

The dates are flexible, depending on the interested parties. The costs depend on the group size.

BREAKING NEWS- KULE Extends Service to Uganda

Starting 2016, just like in central Kenya, KULE will provide partnership programs in and around Kampala, Uganda.

KULE will run two programs: the regular and the medical.

Details- to be announced soon.

Interested? Contact director@kulefoundation.org and gtindyebwa@pearsoncollege.ca
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“The program has been life-changing for me because…getting to work with a team of people my age made me realize how much we as teenagers can really accomplish. We don’t have to wait until we are adults to change the world; we can start at any age!”

- Rachel Harle (Belmont Secondary School, Canada)

“I want to return next year because the program is rich with diversity, whether in the part that concerns the participants or that which concerns the many different people and the types of work we do. The KULE program is one of the few programs that focus on both community service and service to oneself.”

- Mohammed Youssef (Egypt) – Cairo University (and a graduate of UWC of the Pacific/Pearson College)