Mukangu Secondary School Project

We Completed the Library, We Just Need to Stock It.
And... we will soon be starting on a new "science laboratory project".
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The Good News

Since the groundbreaking in 2007, the simple library building was completed in 2010. KULE takes pride in having collaborated with the school community to lay the foundation for the completed “science laboratory” and library project.

We have fully integrated the Mukangu Secondary School Project with the Summer Program. This rural school in Murang'a, central province of Kenya, is a wonderful example of the partnership efforts that KULE prizes so much.

We Need to Stock the Library

Our immediate goal is to raise funds with which to stock it with educational materials and a few computers. We intend to hand a fully-stocked library to the community in the summer.

Sponsor the School Project

Interested school groups and/or individuals are invited to sponsor the rest of the project. We are also calling for donations. Through your financial support, we can buy local books and educational material suited for the school.

Why the School Needs Your Help

The school started off very poorly, with members of the local community scraping and toiling to start a self-help (or harambee) school. Their fundraising efforts included some men cycling all the way to Mombasa, Kenya’s city on the shores of the Indian ocean. Today, parents continue to toil and scrape to build basic educational necessities in the school; and, despite the lack of facilities, students continue to do well in academic and co-curricular activities.

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“Challenging but worthwhile. I was challenged, physically, with things that I am not used to doing----for instance the manual work on the library. Meanwhile, I discovered the hidden talents that I have and learnt how to use them in many aspects of the daily life as well as making a difference in the world.”

- Haly Raharimampionona, Madagascar