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What We Have Accomplished

School Programs

These can be arranged with individual schools. For example, one school has already booked to participate in March 2014.

Project for Adults

KULE can customize our program to cater to the interests of particular adult groups e.g. on health and literacy, Kenyan/African literature and the arts (some enthusiastic inquiries are pouring in already). This will culminate in a 4-day safari covering more than KULE’s regular safari itinerary.


KULE Foundation International has been involved with a village in Muranga on various community-based projects. Below are the main projects which we have been working on since the inception of the program. We integrate these projects with the Summer Program.

Water Project- Urgent Need

The KULE Foundation (KULE), in partnership with the Mukangu villagers in central Kenya, wants to drill a more permanent and durable well than the hand-pumped ones. This will involve using machinery to drill the water (level: nearly 300 feet below), installing a steel water tank and pipes to, respectively, store and distribute the water to each institution and homestead.

Global Health Project

This is an exciting new project spearheaded by Geoffrey's former students at Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific and former participants of the KULE Summer Program. The students leading this project in their colleges are Astrid Peacock and Brandi O'Keefe.