Summer Program

It's a life-changing Summer in Kenya!
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About the Summer Program

Summer Program participants are able to gain life-changing experiences through their work with the host communities. In addition, we offer the participant an ideal way gain a unique and perhaps once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience of one of Kenya’s diverse cultures. One other unique experience, of living with carefully-selected families at the beginning and end of the program, is also available for those interested.

Who Can Participate?

Any 16-20 year old student. The student can apply either individually or as part of a school group.

All students are welcome, regardless of whether they are doing IB or not.

University students. First year students can join the high school participants.

Older university students. On a customized program e.g.Global Health.

Where Does it Take Place?

Mostly in the Murang'a village in the central province of Kenya mainly near a rural town in central Kenya, about 2 hours’ drive from the capital city of Nairobi. KULE Summer Program can be undertaken in other places as well.

How Long is this Program?

Usually 2-3 weeks; duration depends on the individual/ school, or group’s preference. This includes a safari trip.

When Does it Take Place?

Summer Program: July- August (has been the most popular choice).

For the southern hemisphere schools, December/January is an attractive option.

Where do We Stay?

While in Nairobi: In decent and safe hotels. For example, we have used Parklands Sports Club and then Gracehouse Resort, both of which are in quiet and safe residential parts of Nairobi.

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“The biggest difference between the western world and Kenya has nothing to do with wealth, weather or lifestyle. The biggest difference is that, in Kenya, everybody smiles.”

- Erik Vantomme, Saskatchewan, Canada (Pearson College)

"I suggest you bring an open-heart and a smile."

- Macarena Flores (Mexico)"- Greengates School